Halloween, Halloween, and Halloween. When I was a kid, I never ever saw people getting very excited for this type of holiday. Well, maybe because in Indonesia (where i come from) we never celebrate halloween, at least not in my town. I did not really like halloween honestly, because I used to think: “It is stupid to celebrate ghost, and dress like one!” lol that is, until this year. I finally feel how fun it is to see people decorating their house, wearing crazy costumes and buying candies.

Halloween is not about dark spirits, even though a lot of people dress really scary, but not all. People have the choice to dress like whatever they want. You can be SpongeBob, a chicken, superheroes, pirates, betty la fea, witches, lions, leopards, and so much more. Its all about fun.

I realized that the spirit of halloween in USA and the tradition here is similar to Christmas in Indonesia. In my hometown, in the afternoon on the 25th of December, kids go door to door to ask for cookies, drinks, or money. It is fun, just like halloween. The difference is we do not wear crazy costumes lol.

One day before halloween, we went to the halloween store and got some costumes for our kids. This year they wear superheroes costumes which I think is super cool. Zach is wearing superman costume, and Rachel is wonder woman. I have no idea what my husband is wearing lol, his costume is always the same every year. He must really like that killer mask.







This year we went to two different locations. We did not actually plan to go to the base, but it just happened, so why not? I believe it started at 4 p.m and guess what? The temperature went down to 50 degree F. It was cold, and I had to ask superman and wonderwoman to put their jacket on. Superman was ready to collect the candies, however wonderwoman sat on the stroller since it was cold she could not walk and decided to let superman collect for both of them. Oh just in case if you are wondering, wonderwoman just got a crazy fight with her enemy that is why her nose is scratched!…. Just kidding, she scratched it herself.

The halloween rule is, if your porch light is on that means kids can knock, and ask for trick or treat. If you said trick, then you ask the kids to do something for you, but if it is treat then you can just give the candy. If you are at home but you have no candy, simply turn your porch light off, so people won’t bother you. However if your not at home, you can put a bowl of candy in front of your house just like in the picture below, and kids know how many they can take.


When you go trick or treat inside the military base, there were soldiers who walked or drove around the housing area, to check and make sure everybody is ok. Safety is always important.

Finally after a couple hours of collecting candies, superman and wonderwoman are home. They eat some of the candies. Superman was so happy he got a full basket and was willing to share with wonderwoman. But oh, no, no,. They won’t stop here, there was one more mission to do. We then continued to go trick or treat around the neighborhood and we took all four of our fur babies. Unfortunately I could not take pictures because my hands were full, but it was really fun and the superheroes got one full basket of candies again. The party stopped at 8 p.m and we were done.

So that was our halloween. How was yours? Did you enjoy it? Was it cold in your area? How many baskets of candy did you get and what did you wear? Let us know.

Thank you so much for stopping by, God bless.






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  1. Valensia says:

    aww aww they’re so adorable

  2. Lilia says:

    Kalo kak pita pakai kostum apa waktu halloween kemarin?

  3. Michella says:

    Adorable kids as always 😍
    God bless you all..!
    P.S. Waiting for the video as well πŸ‘Œ

  4. Louisa Salim says:

    They’re so cute kak Pita.. kiss kiss from bandar lampung.. 😘😘😘

  5. Fernanda says:

    Iiii gargatang deng rechi pe pipi. 😘😘

  6. Raisa says:

    Halo Pita 😘😘😘

  7. Santi says:

    I love zachieee sooo much. Dont know why TT

  8. Alika Shanya says:

    please ada vlognya kak! gak sabar nonton huhu, gemes sm rachel❀️

  9. Rachma says:

    Kak pita love you,ka pita inspirasi banget buat aku😍

  10. Kei says:

    Rachel and Zach look so adorable in their costume πŸ’—.

  11. Ona Karisa says:

    I love that kak pitah.. Your english is perfect..
    Always love your vlog, blog and instastory 😍😍😍Godbless
    Salam hangat untuk kak Pitah, kak Travis, Zach dan Rachel kak

  12. Maria says:

    Hi Pitah! It’s nice to read all of your heartwarming stories. I hope all of your families enjoy Christmas this year! Happy Holiday ❀️

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